Siberian Craters Might Be Portals Leading to the Inner Earth, UFOlogists Claim

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As described by Alexey Tivanenko, a doctor in history, in 1982, a group of seven military were at a depth of about 160 feet when they met swimmers, around three meters tall, dressed in tight-fitting silvery suits. They didn’t have any scuba or other apparatus, only helmets on their heads.

They were ordered to capture the strange beings, but they were surprised by some sort of flashing ray and washed ashore having signs of decompression sickness.

After this encounter, three of the seven military died, as one of the decompression devices they had was broken. Tivanenko shared some petroglyphs and images representing the aliens, all united by the same characteristics: tall beings, dressed in flashy suits, all with the helmets on their heads.

Besides this descriptions of strange encounters at Lake Baikal, there are countless others including some from the Russian folklore.

Once again, the mysterious craters from Siberia might be made by some sort of mechanism or even an UFO, as there is no reasonable explanation of another sort.

They might be breaches into the Earth’s crust, leading to the sacred ground of Shambala or the Inner Earth, the sacred place described by so many.

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