9 Weird Things You Do if You Have Been Stressed for a Long Time

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2. Paranoid about details

In the time of stress the mind is scattered and in attempts to finesse all the tasks at hand you tend to be obnoxiously fixated on every single detail. You are hypervigilant cause of the threat of getting something wrong and your mind gets awfully particular about insignificant things. In the presence of a problem you are focused on the problem and do not focus on the task at hand.

3. You are all over the place

With minimal sleep and divided focus, you are hardly aware of your surroundings and tend to topple over or down things. As stress impacts your sleep and sleeping is not a premium during this time, the lack of it impacts your cognitive and motor functioning making you clumsy, resembling a situation when you are drunk. Being stress for a long time impairs your thinking and judgment making abilities.

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