9 Extremely Weird Things Only People From Charlotte Do

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2. Place bets onwhat color the Duke Energy building will be on any given day.

Anybody who is from Charlotte knows that each night when you look up at the city skyline, you will see the Duke Energy Center lit up in a certain color or color combination. These colors represent holidays, celebrations, sports teams, community organizations, and can be requested to be displayed by any community member in Charlotte.

The Wells Fargo Lights, named for the property owner of the building, even have their own Twitter page where Charlotte locals can see what the lights are representing on any given night! On Sundays in the fall, the building is always lit Carolina Panthers Blue, and around Christmas time you are bound to see red and green lights at least a few times. If you want to know what the lights are representing tonight, follow them on Twitter here.

3. Tailgate all day (or longer) to see only a few hours of NASCAR.

Charlotte is the home of NASCAR, and you can bet that any local you ask has probably been to a race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Charlotteans love the sound of a loud motor and feeling the breeze in the air as cars whip by on the long oval track. We love the smell of auto fuel and burning rubber and feed on the adrenaline rush we feel right before the cars get ready to “go racin”.

Although most NASCAR races only last a few hours, Charlotte natives know how to make NASCAR a full weekend event. On a race weekend, thousands of people will flock to the Speedway to camp out and tailgate until the race. Bearing the hot sun and humid conditions, you can’t stop a true NASCAR fan from getting to the track early to enjoy the excitement.

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