9 Extremely Weird Things Only People From Charlotte Do

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Every city has its quirks, and Charlotte definitely has a few of our own. Don’t get us wrong, we are proud of our city and the small peculiarities that make us unique. Visitors from other cities may think we are weird when we do these nine things, but our Charlotte neighbors completely understand why and do them too!

1. Refer to the Downtown as Uptown.

When people move to Charlotte they quickly realize it’s a faux pas to call the city “downtown.” Charlotte locals have been referring to the Center City area as Uptown since the 1980s, when city officials decided the name Uptown might make the city more hip and trendy to those looking to move here.

Since then the name has stuck, and while visitors might scratch their heads when someone points them in the direction of Uptown, true Charlotteans know exactly where they are going.

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