7 Weird (But Still Adorable) Things Girls Do That Guys Love For No Reason

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5. The random, quirky things you do that you don’t realize are quirky

It may be the way you dress. It may be the way you drink your coffee, organize your pens or the things you say or think. However your quirkiness or oddness shows, he digs it.

How can I be so certain? Because if he didn’t, then he’d have probably run for the hills a while ago.

But he hasn’t. He has not only put up with your sometimes-neurotic behavior, but he actually enjoys it. That’s really the best way to know if you’ve found the right partner in life: If he can put up with how crazy you are, he’s a keeper.

6. The way you like to cuddle to the point of suffocation

We get it; you’re cold. You’re always cold. You know that we’re not, but who asked us, right?

Whether it’s wrapping yourself around his neck when you see him, lying across his lap while watching a movie or trying to form a human pretzel around him while he tries to fall asleep — I emphasize the wordtry — this is something he likes.

He may not love the feeling of suffocation as the walls close in on him, but he loves holding you. And if that means he has to put up with your permanent complaints about being cold, then so be it.

7. How you’re both incredibly shy and intensely aggressive

It surprises him every time you make that switch between having no confidence to having a lot of it — or the other way around.

And, to be completely honest, he likes surprises. He likes it when you surprise him. You always manage to keep him on his toes, and though this sometimes pushes his buttons, he appreciates not fully knowing what tomorrow will bring.

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