7 Weird (But Still Adorable) Things Girls Do That Guys Love For No Reason

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2. The way you’re unwilling to admit you’re wrong

He knows you’re wrong. You know you’re wrong. He knows you know you’re wrong. But you’ll be damned if you’ll admit it. Instead, you’re going to argue and argue and argue… until he eventually gives up and lets you have the win.

The woman is always right, am I right?

He may not especially enjoy arguing with you all the time, but he does love how stubborn you can be. He thinks it’s cute — sexy, even. Every man loves a woman with a fire inside her.

3. The way you get scared

Sometimes your fear is rational, and sometimes it’s completely irrational. But he’s fascinated that someone can be so strong when it comes to the big things in life and so scared when it comes to the little things — like spiders. And rodents. And basically anything that’s creepy and/or crawly.

He’s happy being the one to kill the spider for you. He’s happy to walk you to the car at night because it’s dark and you don’t want to walk alone.

He likes that you’re afraid of some things because it allows him to step up and be strong for you. It allows him to be your protector — and even though he knows you don’t actually need one, he likes feeling like he’s needed.

4. The way you look after you take way too much time getting ready

He’s been trying to get into the bathroom for about two hours now, but it’s been off limits. You’re already running 30 minutes late, and you know you’re going to have to add another 30 on top of that. He’s likely been complaining for the last 45 minutes, but let’s be honest: You’re going to take as long as you please.

He may not like it. It may frustrate him. It may annoy him. He may find it really odd that you can’t manage to make it anywhere on time. But he does love the end result.

He always finds you beautiful, but after those extra two hours, you know he won’t be able to take his eyes off you all night.

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