5 Weird Trends That Tell Us How The Economy Is Doing

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Some things you buy and you think, well, that takes care of that. I’ll never have to buy another one of those again. One of those things is undoubtedly the cemetery plot. A cemetery plot, much like a wedding ring, is something you never expect to sell before you use it. It can therefore be assumed that times are pretty tough when rising numbers of people put their future eternal resting places on the market. That, or they’ve found a cure for death. Whichever.

Real estate is a great commodity and grave sites are no exception. There’s much more limited space available in a cemetery than in a city and, at the risk of sounding morbid, you know the space is going to be needed. Therefore, when someone buys their plot, they can find themselves holding a piece of land that’s risen in value a great deal. Economists can look to the number of people who’d rather keep the plot vs. sell it as a measure of economic desperation.

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