15 Weird Things You Never Noticed In Animated Films

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14. They Weren’t The Greatest Parents

Coraline is a masterpiece of stop-animation that is also incredibly dark and frightening while still being charming and funny. Yeah, it’s confusing that way. This movie is full of disturbing animation, creepy scenarios, and a truly horrifying villain. But I recently noticed a detail that’s a little more real and a little disturbing in its own light.

The issue is that Coraline’s parents (her real parents) are actually a little neglectful at the beginning of the movie. They aren’t really neglectful physically (though Coraline thinks their cooking is pretty bad), but emotionally they don’t give Coraline much. They’re constantly ignoring her and asking her to go away while they work. It’s more evident since this is what the Other Mother preys on. She lures in kids with what they really desire. The fact that Coraline just wants parents who actually pay attention to her is a little sad.

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