15 Weird Things You Never Noticed In Animated Films

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Even movies intended for kids are full of dark themes, implications, and moments. Here are some of the most disturbing things from animated movies.

Ah, the joys and wonders of animation. There’s something about animation that just captures my attention in a way a live-action movie couldn’t really do. Animated movies show off artists’ talents as their characters come to life through the painstaking process of drawing, re-drawing, editing, texturing and more. I think we sometimes take for granted the amount of work it takes for an animated movie to be created. It’s an incredibly extensive process that relies on the talents of many people.

For many of us, animation was a bit part of our childhood. We loved those movies that had colorful characters and scenes, and later as we grew older, we appreciated the beauty and artistic quality those movies brought as well. Whether we wanted something silly and childish or more serious and intense, there was likely some sort of animated movie that could fulfill that desire.

That being said, many animated movies, especially those intended for kids or considered family friendly, often have some darker or more disturbing moments, scenes, or situations. Oftentimes, these moments sailed over our heads as kids, or we simply weren’t paying close enough attention to catch them. These moments can raise the stakes of the movie, show a look into a character relationship we hadn’t considered, or just completely weird us out.

So here are 15 disturbing things from animated movies that you have likely missed. (Note: This article will not include Disney movies. Since there are so many Disney animated movies, they will have their own article.) Think we missed some creepy moments? Let us know!

15. How Does That Even Work?

This one is less disturbing and maybe a bit more weird, but it involves Donkey and his dragon lady friend from Shrek. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but it did not occur to me until later that Donkey and the dragon were actually getting it on. Now in the first Shrek movie, it was just implied since it was shown that the two seemed to be dating at the end of the movie. But the real proof comes in Shrek 2.

Toward the end of this sequel, Donkey’s dragon girlfriend comes to Far Far Away and brings along a few surprises, namely some dragon-donkey hybrid babies. That’s pretty much all the proof we needed that these two are dancing the dirty tango. It is a little weird in my book, mostly just because I’m not sure how the logistics of that kind of relationship would work. And I’m not sure I want to know…

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