15 Weird Things We Never Noticed In The Ice Age Movies

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2. Super Size Me

A running joke in the Ice Age series is about how large Manny the woolly mammoth is. Sid constantly makes cracks at Manny’s expense about his size. When I was younger, I thought it was hilarious to make fun of Manny for being fat, but as I’ve grown up, I’ve also grown a sense of tact. Making light of a person’s weight is not a nice thing to do, and one of the consistently inappropriate features of the Ice Age series is that they do it all the time.

Not only is it an unkind joke, it gets overused.

Okay, we get that Manny is large, but seeing as he’s a mammoth, he’s supposed to be large. Tell a joke one too many times, and it officially becomes old. Enough with the fat shaming.

3. Storytelling Gone Wrong

In the second Ice Age movie, Sid takes it upon himself to run a kids’ camp, but Sid being Sid, he can’t control the young animals who attend his camp at all. It’s up to Manny to try to rein in the reckless behavior of the children. He does this by telling what seems like a sweet story about a wild burro child. Of course, one of the kids quickly points out that another name for a burro is something that I’m not allowed to type but I can say that it rhymes with “grass.” As a kid, I thought the use of this forbidden language was absolutely amusing. Now, I’m surprised with how many times they were able to get away with saying it. Not only did the kid say it once, but Manny afterward retold his story using the new substitution in place of the word burro.

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