15 Weird Things We Never Noticed In The Ice Age Movies

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There’s no shortage of entertainment for children. Parents want their kids to be healthy and happy, and being happy requires a couple of laughs now and then. Occasionally at the expense of good storytelling, Ice Age provided kids with more than a few guffaws. I should know. I was one of those kids.

Looking back on the Ice Age movies, I sometimes wonder at how my younger self could have such little sensibility when it came to humor. Was a fart joke really all it took to get me to laugh? The answer is yes, yes, it really was. But looking past the crass humor, Ice Age reinforced the vital lesson about the importance of family. No matter if your family consisted of the dumbest sloth, the most sarcastic mammoth, or the scariest of saber-toothed tigers, being part of a unit greater than yourself was meant to be valued.

Morals of the movies aside, the Ice Age series was notorious for including pretty raunchy jokes. Most of these jokes went right over my head when I was younger, but you would be surprised at how many were easily understood. With children as an audience, you would think the creators of Ice Age would have toned down the adult-styled humor. Admittedly, the humor and heart of these movies is what compelled so many people into watching them, and I honestly can’t blame them. I have to confess, those fart jokes will still catch me off guard and cause me to burst out laughing. Read on if you want to revisit those moments in the Ice Age series that may not have been suitable for you as a kid, but which you can definitely appreciate now.

1. How Do You Even Play?

Grandparents sometimes have the oddest of hobbies (relatives in general do, but we’re dealing in specifics here). In Ice Age, none are so weird as Sid’s grandma’s. Known to everyone in the herd as Granny, she’s a rough-and-tumble, I’m-going-to-do-things-my-way kind of sloth, the complete opposite of Sid’s cowardly indecisiveness. Still, with her old age comes a plethora of strange ways, and one of the grossest is when she mentions playing “bingo.” Firstly, I don’t even know how you could play that kind of game. Secondly, none of the animals wear any clothes in the first place. Wouldn’t any regular game of bingo automatically become this kind of bingo?

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