15 Weird Texts Girls Sent To Their Parents By Mistake

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Auto-correct can sure cause problems if left unattended – personally, I haven’t had that much problem since I usually try to keep disabled (or maybe I just have impeccable spelling), but check out what these kids send their parents by accident – some of the stuff is simply nasty! Maybe Apple or Google need to figure out how to implement an “Undo SMS” feature into their phones – it sure would help these few get unstuck from their respective situations.

1. This Guy Doesn’t Get It

After sending an almost nude pic to her dad, she writes “OMG dad delete it, this wasn’t meant for you,” while the dad replies in all-caps “THEN WHO WAS IT MEANT FOR, Becky?” Notice how her name wasn’t in caps – it’s the little things that count!

2. Check Before Sending

This girl told her father she was pregnant, while actually trying to contact her boyfriend (we can tell it’s a boyfriend and not a husband from the overall vibe of the messages), and it looks like the father isn’t especially happy about the situation.

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