15 Weird Psychological Cases That Scientists Can’t Explain

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Today we are lucky enough to live in a highly advanced world, brimming with new technology and discoveries. In terms of medicine, there has never been a better time to be alive because medical breakthroughs are constantly being made. This means that doctors have an excellent understanding of the human body and are able to help people, even patients with seemingly bizarre mental ailments.

Until quite recently mental illness was largely misunderstood and as a result, many people suffered, not only from their condition but also from a lack of understanding from those around them.

We have a better understanding of these types of conditions today but don’t fool yourself, there are still many mental disorders that we don’t have a clue about. Some are so rare that they barely get reported while others are simply impossible to explain, analyze, or treat. We can only hope that as technology progresses, we will be able to explain these strange disorders and one day cure them.

From people waking up with strange foreign accents, a woman who has explosive reactions to sounds and a man who thought his wife was a hat, all the people on this list have bizarre conditions that have left doctors shaking their heads.


The condition is often associated with migraine headaches and some doctors believe that it could be possible that Lewis Carroll himself suffered from this disorder, which was why he was able to describe it so well in his book. Lewis did suffer from migraine headaches during his life so he may have used these bizarre symptoms as a source of inspiration.

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