15 Weird Inventions You Won’t Believe Exist

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Have you ever looked at a product online and wondered what the heck were they thinking? Well, we’ve got a whole list of weird inventions just like that to show you. From baby products to pillows, inventors sure can take basic stuff and transform it into the weirdest thing ever. Sometimes these ideas are trying to solve problems like loneliness or limited space, regardless if its odd or not. While we commend the effort, their good intentions seem to be making it worse. Here are 15 Weird Inventions You Won’t Believe Exist.

1. The Dogbrella

The Dogbrella, in theory, makes a lot of sense. Who likes the smell of a wet dog? No one. That’s who. Plus, the first thing your dog will do is shake off all that water into your house. So, the Dogbrella makes a lot of sense. The only cost is your pride and $29.95.

2. Edible Spray Paint

Edible Spray Paint really makes no sense at all and is kind of a hazard. Imagine teaching your children that eating spray paint is a good thing? Might not go over well when they get their hands on a real can of spray paint.

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