15 Weird & Disturbing Things Garbage Men Have Found On The Job

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The same garbage man who had to deal with a consistent flow of skinned raccoon corpses, and a seemingly eternally stuck deer hide, had yet another incredibly disgusting issue. At certain dumpsters about town (typically at schools), there would be an ever-growing sludge of milk at the bottom of the containers; apparently “always a good three inches”. It turns out that schools don’t typically dump their excess milk down the drain and simply chuck it into the garbage, to eventually collect at the bottom of dumpsters, having seeped out from whatever bags they had initially been tossed into. Now if none of that is bad enough to think about, in terms of smell and general putridness, the garbage man has an additional little tidbit regarding those same school dumpsters: “three inches of cheese when it’s hot.” Now that is truly disgusting. Sour milk is one thing, but curdled and formed into cheese during a heatwave…one can only imagine the nauseating aroma that must permeate those large containers.

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