15 Weird & Disturbing Things Garbage Men Have Found On The Job

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Sure, sometimes it is a great job. There are many garbage workers who have found brand new electronics, gold, diamonds, thousands of dollars in cash, and many more valuables. But compare that to the experiences of the majority, and surely these occasional prizes in no way make up for the terrors that are found in dumpsters, garbage bins, and bags the world over.

Below are twenty weird and/or disturbing things found by garbage workers on their runs (or off the beaten path, having been called away from their route to deal with something special). Some of the things are pretty damn disturbing…and some are pretty damn disgusting…so enjoy!



So, one is more and more frequently having to pause to take in the incredible amount of insanity that is the human race. A supervisor call brought a garbage man out to a wooded location one day. Pointing to a bag of garbage hanging from the branches of a tree, the police who greeted the garbage worker stayed back. Upon lowering the bag and releasing its foul stench, the worker and police were to discover a garbage bag full of dead rats. Each rat was tied off to the next in some gigantic and strange piece of art. When the worker asked the officers what the most likely cause for this sort of disgusting behaviour was, the response was perhaps just as unexpected as the discovery itself. It turns out that the officer’s best guess for why such a thing might occur was something to do with religious sacrifice. All one can think of is the amount of time spent on what is seemingly a ridiculous sacrifice at best.

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