15 Weird Cases Of People Who Were Never Actually Confirmed Dead

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It’s scary how many cases exist of people vanishing. What makes things even weirder is that there are loads of conflicting details about them!

In modern times, we like to think that we know just about everything about everything. We have records, we have forensic evidence, and we can even excavate the relics of the past in order to better inform ourselves. The truth is, however, that we can still have big mysteries that no one can answer. One such mystery can surround what exactly happened to people at the ends of their lives.

All of the people in this list disappeared one day and were never seen again – presumably because they were dead. But we don’t know that for sure, and they may well have gone on to live their lives a little longer. There are some cases where the intervening time means that they must now be dead of old age at the very least, but we don’t know when or where their deaths took place.

It seems strange to think that a human being, who has family and friends and connections, could just go away one day and never have a trace of them found. But that really does happen – and is continuing to happen even now. These cases date back from antiquity right up to modern day.

We don’t have the answers, so it’s up to you to be the sleuths. Read our evidence, consider the facts, and try to answer the question for yourself. Do you think these people died at the time they disappeared – or did they continue to live somewhere else? Could they even be still living now?


Joe Pichler was a child actor who took some time out of acting to complete school and also to have his teeth straightened with braces. He was still wearing those braces in January 2006, when he played cards with friends at one of their homes. He left the house, and drove away. It seems that a friend tried to call him early in the morning, but there has been no contact since. His abandoned car was found several days later. There was vomit in the car but no sign of him otherwise.

Weirdly, one of his friends set up a fake MySpace profile pretending to be him, and even had conversations with others keeping up the act. The most common theory seems to be that he overdosed on drugs, and the friends covered up his death out of fear of being blamed. If he was still alive and simply wanted to disappear, he would have needed somehow to have his braces removed.

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