13 Super-Gross Things Women Do That Men Don’t Know About

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5. We look in the toilet.

Ogle the particularly thick chunk of uterus lining that we pass during our period.

6. All sorts of weird stuff comes out of us.

The day after I had my daughter, I passed this giant glob. It was the size of a clementine. At the time, I’d just birthed an 8lb person so it didn’t seem like a big deal, but, looking back, it was pretty nasty.

7. We live on the edge, part 2.

Go without a pad when they’re in the danger zone (either just about to get their period or when it’s starting to trail off). And then just use a wad of toilet paper in their underwear if anything shows up.

8. This hair-related secret shame can’t seriously just be us ladies, right?

I can only speak for my sister and I, but on the day before I wash my hair, I scratch my head like crazy and dandruff goes everywhere. And then I pick it out of my fingernails. Gross, I know. But I see lots of girls with dandruffy hair (and have braided enough people’s hair to see it too) so I’m guessing they do it too.

9. We have a farting issue that most dudes do not have.

When girls fart sometimes it gets trapped in the vulva and comes out the front.

10. OK, let’s just say it: We all might be bonkers, especially when it comes to our periods.

When I’m on my period, I will just stand in the shower and watch blood run down my legs into the drain and imagine I am a warrior princess who is standing in the aftermath of a battle in which she has murdered all of her enemies.

11. We love to squeeze stuff out of our faces. 

Overly enjoying squeezing out blackheads, and smelling bits of ourselves.

12. Related: We smell ourselves in weird places.

Does anyone else sniff their earrings when they take it out? It absolutely reeks but I smell it every time.

13. We don’t wash our hair as much as you think we do.

Lots of girls go FOREVER without washing their hair. All hail dry shampoo.

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