13 Super-Gross Things Women Do That Men Don’t Know About

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When lady Redditors were asked to reveal some gross things they do that guys have no idea about, things got really real, really fast. Like, really, really real.

Some of these things are universal to all women and some of them are specific to super-gross girls, but you dudes will never know which is which. Good luck sleeping tonight after you read this, gentlemen!

1. We like to live on the edge.

I don’t think anyone has mentioned the mad dash out of the shower to dry off before the flow starts again when on your period, or (for my fellow pad-wearing ladies) wiping blood off the toilet seat when the flow is really heavy.

2. We don’t take care of our lingerie. 

I can’t remember the last time I washed my bra,” was the comment that was up-voted the most. There is truth in that comment, and that truth is that women are disgusting because boobs sweat.

3. No nice way to put this one: period poops. 

Having a super large and freeing, but nasty as hell period poop. they’re honestly the best, but also super gross.” As another person puts it, “If I had a nickel for every time I looked back into the toilet while on my period and thought My God did I just birth an alien baby? I’d have at least several nickels.” Yet another woman referred to its aftermath as, “the good ole PB&J wipe!” BRB, crying forever.

4. Cramps can come with lots of fun side-effects.

Two words: “Cramp diarrhea.

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